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Pancreatic cancer

The classic signs of heart trouble-chest tightness, pressure or pain – are far from its only signals. People often fail to connect other symptoms they’re experiencing to their actual cause: the heart. Your whole body …

Pancreatic cancer refers to tumors that start in the cells of pancreas. Pancreatic cancer occurs when changes (mutations) in the pancreas cells lead them to multiply out of control. A mass of tissue can result. Sometimes, this mass is benign. In pancreatic cancer, however, the mass is malignant. Pancreatic cancer is usually not found until advanced stages because it is hard to detect. Signs of pancreatic cancer include jaundice and weight loss. There are two main type of pancreatic cancer. More than 90% of the pancreatic cancer belong to the exocrine tumour known as adenocarcinoma. The rest of the pancreatic cancer are neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) also known as pancreatic NETs (PNETs), an islet cell tumour or islet cell carcinoma. Some NETs produce excessive hormones. They may be labelled based on the type of hormone produced for instance, insulinoma from insulin producing PNET.

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